Suppliers have a significant impact on Freeport-McMoRan’s operations and costs. Supplier relationships are key to Freeport-McMoRan’s success. Freeport-McMoRan’s Global Supply Chain manages strategic and high profile commodities and services on a global, regional, and / or local basis.

Freeport-McMoRan commits to conduct all business:

  • in a fair and reasonable manner
  • with high integrity
  • utilizing best available data for decision making enabling accountability
  • driving innovation and creativity
  • fostering open and honest communications

Supplier Information North America Mining & FCX Headquarters  |  Peru  |  Chile  |  Indonesia  |  New Orleans Office  | Europe

Commodity Listing

For information on Freeport-McMoRan’s top commodities, please review the Commodity Management area.

Supplier Requirements

We seek to establish mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with Suppliers who demonstrate their commitment to our Supplier Code of Conduct, which is based on our company’s Principles of Business Conduct.   Suppliers are expected to abide by the laws of the countries in which they operate and conduct business according to the Code, even if local customs or practices differ from standards in the Code.

New and existing business partners may be asked to complete an online questionnaire focused on issues of anti-corruption, international trade controls, and human rights compliance via the Freeport Compliance eXchange (FCeX) online due diligence compliance platform.  Completion of the questionnaire enables FCX and its affiliates to conduct supplier-specific risk assessments to ensure our company and those with which we work operate in compliance with relevant U.S. and international laws. Business partners who have received a request to complete a questionnaire should refer to the instructions contained in the automated email message sent by FCeX.  FCeX is available in multiple languages.  For further information, please contact FCX Compliance by email.

Freeport-McMoRan utilizes suppliers who exhibit the highest level of safety awareness, ethical behavior and quality of performance. Key attributes include:

  • incorporating safety in all commercial decisions;
  • exhibiting the highest level of integrity at all times and in all dealings;
  • quality of work; 
  • on-time delivery; and
  • cost savings innovation.  

To get information on becoming a Supplier, please reach out to the appropriate individual noted in the supply chain contacts page.

FCX Compliance Line

The FCX Compliance Line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to report incidents or other concerns that raise legal or ethical concerns.  Suppliers can remain anonymous but must identify themselves as a Supplier.

For questions about the Code, to discuss issues or to report a concern: 


Contact GSC

GSC Management
  • Bruce Nickle
    Director, Logistics and Transportation, GSC Colorado & NM Ops and Sulfuric Acid
  • Daniel Paling
    Director, Procurement & GSC Downstream Operations

GSC Commodity Managers
  • Jason Bowsher
    Strategic Sourcing Manager, Global
    Commodities – Mobile Equipment, Mining Equipment Tires, Shovel, Drills
  • Dan Christensen
    Strategic Sourcing Manager, Global
    Commodities – Lubricants, Process Controls, Industrial Gases, Refractory Brick, Safety, MRO
  • Kelly Clark
    Contract Responsibilities - PTFI Contract Management
    Underground Mining, Medical Clinics and Services
  • Travis Clement
    Strategic Sourcing Manager, Global
    UAS/Drone and Drone Systems
  • Hugo Toro Gonzales 
    Manager Contracts and Commodities - Santiago, Chile
    Global Commodities – Conveyor Equipment and Supplies, Water Treatment Chemicals, Regional Fuels
  • Sergio Henriquez
    Senior Manager / Commodity Manager, Santiago
    Commodities – Energy and El Abra Mill Project Infrastructure
  • Morgan Johnson
    Strategic Sourcing Manager, Global
    Commodities – Processing Equipment, Chemicals, Reagents
  • Thomas Knudsen
    Commodity Manager
    Commodities – Fuel Supply, Natural Gas North America
  • Steve McBride
    Commodity Manager, Global
    Commodities – Environmental, Overhead Cranes
  • Alvaro Meneses
    Strategic Sourcing Manager, Santiago Chile
    Commodities – Global Grinding Media, Regional: Explosives, Hoist Cables (Electrical), Wire and Cable, Wear Material, Cathode Blanks, Global Lead Anodes, Drip Line, Sulfuric Acid, MRO Steel, Pumps, Electrical Supplies, Transformers, Sodium Hydrosulfide
  • Gary Rogers
    Strategic Services Group Manager, Global
    Commodities – Explosives, Explosive Services, Mining Information Systems & Technologies, Exploration/Drilling Services
  • Victor Suripatty
    PTFI Gen Supt, Strategic Commodities
    Commodities – Multiple Regional Strategic Vendors
NA - GSC Site Leaders
  • Stephanie Hewitt
    Phoenix, AZ, Technology Center, Corporate and Resource Management, Downstream Processing
SA - GSC Site Leaders
PT Freeport Indonesia - GSC Site Leaders
  • Ron Ingram
    IPI Office Manager
    Brisbane, Australia
  • Rob Ledet
    PTFI Procurement 
    PTFI Procurement, New Orleans, LA & Singapore
Europe - GSC Site Leaders

Hourglass Approach

Freeport-McMoRan Global Supply Chain has developed a unique initiative called the “Hourglass”.

Examining The Supply Chain Process

The Hourglass approach requires Freeport-McMoRan and its suppliers to jointly examine the supply chain process from

  • operational need identification to
  • supplier material purchase and production to
  • material and service delivery to
  • payment settlement. 
Working Together to Reduce Waste and Increase Profit

The objectives are to understand each business and all related activities that impact both companies. The intent is not to shift costs but rather to seek out opportunities that jointly eliminate waste and inefficiencies, creating shared savings and greater profitability for both companies. This strategic relationship focuses heavily on using data to make better business decisions.

The Hourglass Model illustrates Freeport-McMoRan’s total supply chain cost to Freeport-McMoRan, including the negotiated contractual pricing (the narrowest point) to supplier and Freeport-McMoRan costs that occur before, during, and after need identification. Some of the business processes and costs analyzed in the Hourglass project are represented in the boxes in the upper and lower triangles of the Hourglass. These processes and costs include:

  • planning
  • sourcing
  • emergency ordering
  • order fulfillment
  • freight & shipping
  • stock-out process
  • component failure tracking
  • receiving & inventory management
  • invoicing & billing
  • warranty management
  • payment processing 

A typical Hourglass project will analyze two to three of these supplier and Freeport-McMoRan processes/costs areas.

Sales of Equipment & Materials

Freeport-McMoRan’s Asset Recycling and Disposition Team

Freeport-McMoRan’s Asset Recycling and Disposition Team offers sales of used, open pit and underground mining equipment and primary and secondary crushing, milling, flotation and processing equipment.

For more information on items that are available for sale or for information on upcoming auction events please contact one of the following representatives.

Asset Recycling and Disposition Contacts
North America
South America

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Policy Documents

Health and Safety Policies | Specific Health and Safety Policies Company Policies

Health and Safety Policies

Contractor Safety and Health Manual

Updates to the Contractor Safety Manual will be posted here. Revisions and updates are communicated through our Global Supply Chain and FM Project Manager. Project Managers, please refer to sections 1.2 and 3.2.1 of the Manual.

The latest revision of the FCX Contractor Safety Manual is located here. Please be sure you have destroyed any printed copies of the previous revision by the expiration date on the cover and are only using the most current version. All changes made to this version are found in the Revision History section of the manual. Please contact your site project manager for specific policies related to your scope of work.

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Specific Health and Safety Policies

The latest revision of the FCX Health and Safety Policies and Global Significant Risk Policies are located here. Please be sure you have destroyed any printed copies of the previous versions and are only using the most current version. Please contact your site project manager for specific policies related to your scope of work.

Dept. of Occupational H&S Policy Administration
Bus Safety
Cellular and Hand Held Communication Devices Guideline
Confined Space
Control of Hazardous Energy Sources (LOTOTO)
Electrical Safety
Fatigue Management Guideline
Flagging and Barricading Guideline
Hazardous Gas Monitoring Systems and Appurtenances
HDPE Pipe Handling
Hot Work
Industrial Railroad
Interaction with Heavy Mobile Equipment - Surface Road Design, Light Vehicles and Ground Personnel
Material Handling Conveyance
MSHA Training Requirements for Contractors and Visitors (SOP)
Property Entry Guidelines-Surface Mines North America
Shovel Move
Standard Safety Requirements Policy
Sulfuric Acid Bulk Handling Policy
Surface Blasting
Utility Location (Blue Stake)
Working at Heights

Company Policies

Anti-Corruption Policy
Community Policy
Environmental Policy
Human Rights Policy
Principles of Business Conduct
Supplier Code of Conduct