Around the Company in Pictures: In Perfect Balance


March 26, 2021 - The limited-edition art book, “Marismas del Odiel, Reserva de luz y alma,” or “Marshes of the Odiel, Reserve of Light and Soul,” celebrates the biodiversity thriving near the Atlantic Copper smelter in Spain. See the digital version of the book.

Published by the Atlantic Copper Foundation in partnership with the company Electroquímica Onubense, the book illustrates one of the most unique natural environments in the world, the Marismas del Odiel Natural Park and the Odiel River, named a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and located adjacent to the smelter. The main photographer is Manuel Gómez Cristóbal, Deputy Director of Materials Acquisitions and Logistics-Atlantic Copper.

For almost a decade, the Atlantic Copper Foundation has offered environmental education programs for children between 4 and 14 years old to help them understand, value and care for the unique natural habitat as part of the company’s sustainable production model.

“We want to support sustainability in all ways with a focus on clean energy as we coexist with and care for the natural environment in which we operate," said Carlos Ortiz, Senior Vice President-Metallurgy. “Both the book and the education bring awareness to a beautiful area worth protecting.”


Photo: This photograph of a flamingo and chicks along the Odiel River is one of many featured in the foundation’s art book.