Keep Up Your Guard Up Against COVID-19


​November 12, 2020 - With the uptick in coronavirus cases in the United States and around the world, Josh Olmsted, President and Chief Operating Officer-Americas, and Dr. Richard Vinroot, Vice President and company Medical Director, recorded a short video message encouraging employees to stay diligent in following the company's COVID-19 health and safety practices.

"Those protocols have allowed us to be extremely successful in managing this health crisis that we're in today, and I just want to encourage us to continue to be faithful to those things and not get complacent," said Olmsted, adding that this keeps not only employees safe but their families and the communities safe as well.

As the third wave of the pandemic starts, Vinroot urged everyone to continue social distancing, wearing a mask, avoiding large groups and close contact, and washing hands while working and out in the community.

"It's one of the few ways that we can control what goes on within our operations, and by doing that, we have some control over what goes on in the community," he said.