Local Hiring and Skills Development

We make concerted efforts to hire locally, as this practice incorporates local cultures and knowledge into our business systems and helps fulfill our commitment to supporting local economic development both directly and indirectly. For example, at our largest operation, PTFI, located in the remote province of Papua, Indonesia, we prioritize the hiring of indigenous Papuans. At year-end 2015, 99 percent of PTFI employees were Indonesian and of that total, 36 percent were indigenous Papuans (up from 32 percent four years prior). At TFM, located in the DRC, 98 percent of employees are Congolese citizens.

Our regional technical training programs prepare community members for careers in mining, even though trainees have no obligation to join our company. The Nemangkawi Mining Institute in Papua, Indonesia has placed nearly 2,600 apprentices into permanent employee and contractor positions to date at PTFI, 90 percent of whom are indigenous Papuans. As PTFI transitions from open-pit mining to underground mining, Nemangkawi is also transitioning from focusing on new employee development to focusing on retraining existing employees for the underground operating environment.

The San Carlos Training Institute in Arizona was developed from our joint partnership with the San Carlos Apache Tribe and provides a local, reservation-based training center to increase the employability and skills of Apache students. The organically designed program provides training courses in heavy equipment operations and industrial maintenance. Through December 2015, a total of 714 students have entered the program and 304 have graduated – over half of whom have been hired or are in the process of being hired by the company. At year-end 2015, we employed approximately 300 Native Americans at our U.S. operations, an increase of over 40 percent from four years prior.