Embedding Respect

Human Rights Governance
The Corporate Responsibility Committee of our Board of Directors (Board) assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to the management of risks associated with our Human Rights Policy and practices (respect for human rights). The Corporate Responsibility Committee oversees the Company’s sustainable development programs, including our human rights policy and practices.

Our Sustainable Development Leadership Team provides strategic and operational guidance regarding our sustainability commitments, including our human rights program. The team is sponsored by our Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, and is led by our Vice President of Environmental Services and Sustainable Development. The team includes our Chief Operating Officer and business unit presidents and senior personnel from the safety, supply chain, human resources, sales, security, compliance, and land and water functions.

At higher risk operations, our site human rights compliance officers oversee compliance and training activities, and manage grievance mechanisms for the reporting, documentation and addressing of all human rights related allegations that are reported in our areas of influence.

For information on our Corporate Responsibility Committee as well as the Sustainable Development Leadership Team in 2016, refer to our Our Approach.

Communication and Awareness Raising
We conduct comprehensive training on our PBC, including annual certification of management-level employees (approximately 97 percent were trained in 2016). This process consists of computer-based training, as well as a signed certification that the employee understands the PBC and is not aware of cases of non-compliance. Beginning in 2017, the PBC training is provided annually to all employees.

We have incorporated standard language on human rights into our corporate contract template. Suppliers and contractors receive, and are expected to perform in accordance with, our Supplier Code of Conduct.  For the purpose of the Supplier Code of Conduct, “Supplier” is defined as a business that provides goods or services to the Company. A Supplier may include suppliers, contractors, consultants, vendors, their subcontractors and any other contracted third parties.