Performance Targets

We set company-wide performance targets to support key objectives, particularly in areas prioritized in our sustainability risk register.

Performance Targets 2015
2015 Performance Description Target
Business Ethics
With our online training module, annually train 90% of targeted employees who interact with, or have the potential to interact with, government officials on anti-corruption laws, regulations and company policies and procedures Our online anti-corruption training was placed on hold in 2015 as a result of transitioning to a new training module provider. Training has resumed in 2016. Annually Recurring
Increase the percentage of women in our workforce, including representation in managerial positions, to 15% Women comprise 10% of our employee population and hold 11% of all managerial positions (300), which is relatively unchanged from recent years. Ongoing
Safety & Health
Incur zero fatalitiesa Sadly, we incurred three work-related fatalities at our mining operations in 2015. Annually Recurring
Meet company-wide total recordable incident rate (TRIR)a of 0.56 We met our target TRIRa at 0.56 for 2015 Annually Recurring
Human Rights
Incur zero grossb human rights violations at our operations caused by employees and contractors A security employee at our TFM operation was charged and sentenced for his alleged involvement in a rape on the concession. For more information on this event and our human rights programs, please see our Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights 2015 Report to the Plenary on our website. Annually Recurring
Invest (in aggregate) 1% of the average of the previous three years annual mining operations revenue, as reported in Freeport-McMoRan's audited consolidated financial statements, in community programs, including in-kind support and administration (2015 target of $177 million) Approximately $165 million was invested in community programs across our operations (93% of our target). Annually Recurring
Work with regional and local governments, community stakeholders, private sector developer(s) and businesses, to commence construction of town infrastructure and residential housing in the Integrated Development Zone (IDZ) in our TFM concession to support sustainable urban growth Ongoing Implementation of a limited set of IDZ development options is planned for 2016, including establishment of working relationships with government stakeholders in the newly-designated province of Lualaba. 2016
Incur zero significant environmental events (rating of three or higher on Sustainable Development Risk Register) We did not incur any significant environmental events. We did have 14 spills or releases that were reportable to national agencies based on applicable regulations. Annually Recurring
Incur zero penalties more than $100,000 Our operations did not incur any penalties exceeding $100,000. Annually Recurring
a. Includes FM O&G
b. There is no uniform definition of gross human rights violations under international law; however, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner report: The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights – An Interpretive Guide, provides guidance on identifying such types of violations.